Top 5 Best Non Toxic Baby Play Mat – Reviews & Comparison

Several essential equipment is to buy from the birth of a child. Among these amenities is the baby play mat. Similar to the waking mat, this accessory in the form of slabs arranged is a good development tool for the child. The latter can thus improve his motor skills or his visual and cognitive senses.

However, due to a concern for toxin emanation, several quantities of this type of carpet have been removed from the sales departments of European stores. You must learn about the components of baby play mat before getting one.Just like making cookies with the waffle maker, you need to understand the process.

Baby Care – The Best Non-Toxic Baby Play Mat

Our opinion on Baby Care floor mat
  • Very versatile at the level of use (great for free motor skills)
  • When traveling he easily finds his place in the car (folded in 4)
  • Pretty colors that catch the eye of the baby
  • Comfortable and yet not thick
  • It tends to catch hairs and dusts (fabrics).
  • Foams are not necessarily easy to wash.
The Mattresses Malin Mattresses My Best Friends is a multi-function evolution mat designed by Baby Care. Nomadic, it has integrated tissue handles to carry it everywhere. Practical, it is equipped with a fastening and folding system easy to install and store. Its PVC underside insulates it from the ground and makes it easy to clean (removable and washable at 30 °). You can have it in several colors and sizes.

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The baby floor mat can eventually be transformed into a pouf or seat and even extra mattress on occasion. Your child will be able to sit there when he is old enough. Very light (just 1.6 kg), it will be easy to carry when you travel. You will even have a storage bag for purchase.

Scalable 3 in 1:

Not folded, it offers a real play mat
Folded in 3, it becomes an extra mattress
Folded in 4: it turns into a pouf for a booster seat and / or to easily store the product at the end of the day

Ludi – The Best Foam Slabs for Non Toxic Baby

Our opinion on the Ludi baby rug
  • “New generation” foam
  • Thermal and sound insulation
  • Participate in the motor development of the child
  • Cold washable and resists deformation
  • The fact of having to ventilate the foam 48h before use.
  • Inner forms that come off and complicate disassembly
Discover the new generation foam from LUDI Basic Animal 1050 Foam Mat suitable for use from birth. Respecting the current standard for formamide (less than 200ppm), LUDI slabs are only 2ppm (parts per million).

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LUDI’s “Basic Animals” slabs insulate from the cold, cushion shocks, resist small teeth and stimulate baby’s fine motor skills. Hanging from each other, the 9 slabs give Baby a superb 86.5 x 86.5 cm play mat, ideal for crawling or having fun with his favorite toys! Solid and comfortable (thickness: 0.9 cm).

the slabs fit together and ensure the safety of the child.

Malin, animals composed of different shapes round and colorful offer a recess activity, in addition to the puzzle! The different toning colors will encourage your child’s fine motor skills and visual acuity while stimulating his imagination. For the older ones, do not miss the opportunity to find the name of each animal.

The slabs can be used indoors (park floor, play mat) and outdoors on a flat, non-slippery surface. This carpet is evolutionary: the biggest will be able to practice to make the puzzle in 3D! LUDI slabs resist deformation and can be machine washed cold.

SoftTiles – Baby foam carpet puzzle – 86 pieces

Our opinion on SoftTiles baby floor mat
  • Numbers and letters to develop your baby’s intellectual capacity
  • Colorful foam tiles for your little one to play puzzle to develop his imagination
  • Thermal insulation prevents your cherub from getting cold in contact with the ground
  • Its size: this large rug is not suitable for small spaces
In order to provide pleasure to your child while developing his imagination and his intellectual side, SoftTiles pieces is an excellent alternative. SoftTiles pieces offers coordination and learning to a child. This model comes with numbers from 0 to 9 and letters from A to Z that are all detachable. They provide intellectual stimulation. It is a playground that allows at the same time to entertain and educate your child from a young age. The carpet is made of EVA foam with a thickness of 1 cm. This material is comfortable to use and is able to cushion the pressures of contact with the surface where it is placed.

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This product allows your cherub to take advantage of a thermal insulation to avoid that it directly feels the cold ground. Its use does not make you afraid of seeing your baby sick after sitting on it for a long time. Foam tiles are colored to invite your toddler to play the puzzle. The carpet itself can take different forms to develop one’s imagination.

The possibility of mounting and dismounting also helps to make cleaning easier. So, you can use it in a hygienic condition. Its surface is about 3.57 square meters so that your little one can be free in his movements.

Angels – Red & pink baby floor mat

Our opinion on Angels baby floor mat
  • Nice colors to arrange according to his tastes thanks to the removable hearts
  • You can nest them as a puzzle to arrange them as you wish: square or rectangle
  • Take the dust and the hearts come off quite easily
A baby rug is a baby accessory will spend most of his days. It is therefore imperative that it be of good quality. If you want to offer a baby care product of this type to your newborn baby, think of Angels foam and polyester carpet! Be aware that babies find it difficult to spot cold colors, so choose a brightly colored rug to help awaken your eyesight. This red and pink carpet will perfectly match your little one and at the same time will stimulate his cognitive abilities, his sight, his hearing and his sense of touch.

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Made with high quality materials, it will preserve the health of your little piece of cabbage. Strong and durable, this model will easily resist moisture and provide good thermal insulation to the child. In other words, the baby will be well warm, since the slabs will prevent the freshness of the soil to reach it. Better yet, it will slip easily into any decor. Note that this baby floor mat is lightweight so you can take it wherever you go.

Indeed, this carpet can easily be assembled and disassembled and all parts can hang from each other. This baby floor mat is not only the ideal playground for children, but also a protection for your child because it also has a non-slip coating to protect the child and avoid possible falls for more safety. This rug will give a very decorative touch in your child’s room while being practical at the same time. It is therefore ideal to play on a terrace, in the garden or in a bedroom or living room.

Creative – Tapis Puzzle City

Our opinion on Creative baby floor mat
  • Well designed because the parts of the puzzle are well protected.
  • Great for little boys (and girls too!) Who want a circuit.
  • Neat packaging
  • There are no pattern extensions
  • Not easy to clean
This carpet is without a doubt one of the most functional. The design, the illustrations, the comfort and the insulation compared to the ground are optimal. The carpet consists of only 9 tiles, it offers a plasticized texture that many children will find very pleasant. A very educational rug and it can be used for young children or those who are already starting school.

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Creative baby foam mat is very comfortable and soft on which your child can have fun. It is designed as a puzzle to assemble. Its very supple and ultra resistant surface is composed of expanded polyethylene. Safety side, do not worry, because this product perfectly meets the order of 20 July 2011 on the suspension of the placing on the market of foam toys “carpet-puzzles” emitting formamide.

Apart from learning while playing, your child could also turn this rug into other shapes according to his imagination, such as cushion or just carpet. In addition, this model is very resistant to humidity, the handling of the child but also provides good sound insulation.

Only the carpet is not easy to clean, especially by hand. You can combine hoops or many other toys with this baby foam mat. They will keep your child busy all day.

How to choose your foam floor mat

The choice of a baby floor mat depends on a number of criteria namely safety, practicality, ease of cleaning or comfort that you bring the accessory. For a baby foam pad is comfortable for example, it must be large enough to allow the child to do all his actions. It must also be flexible and thick enough to absorb shocks. However, be careful not to choose a model too soft, because if baby is lying flat, it could choke.

The practical side of the baby floor mat is the ease of use of the carpet. In particular, the use of electric hedge trimmer should pay attention to affecting the baby’s brain magnetic field.avoid having a model that is too complex with too many toys, especially if your baby is only an infant (0 – 6 months). Indeed, at this age, your little angel will have to do too many distractions. He will spend most of his time sleeping.

A floor mat must be easy to transport and clean. Added to this is safety, which is an important criterion, as well as the age of your baby. Some models have a padded tower. This will prevent the child from ending up on the ground. The ride can even help him start walking.

Take special care to always check the safety certifications. They will testify to the non-harmful nature of the materials used for the design of the baby floor mat. For information, several products were withdrawn from the market at a given period or a problem of toxicity arose. But today, any item sold must be nontoxic.

The benefits of baby foam

Baby mat offer many benefits such as safety, comfort, practicality, colors, ease of cleaning. These benefits are important factors to consider when making a purchase.


This factor is one of the first to consider when you want to pay for a foam carpet. Baby will spend long hours and it is better that this accessory is secure for him. In other words, the mat must be thick enough to absorb any shock. It must also be able to protect your little one from moisture and the natural freshness that emerges from the ground. The recommended thickness for an infant is at least 2 cm. Make sure to take a suitable product for the age of your piece of cabbage. It should be neither too big nor too low so that baby does not suffocate.

Comfort of non-toxic baby foam carpet

For your child to be comfortable on his foam mat, it will be necessary that the accessory is comfortable and soft. Check if the fabric used is well padded to absorb shocks. Choose materials such as rubber or plastic. If your baby is already on all fours, then take a foam mat with a large play area. Apart from comfort, the baby foam mat must also include good colors.

The colors of your carpet

Baby foam mat are usually multicolored. It is therefore useless to try to integrate them in your decoration. The essential, at least the most important, will be to select colors that appeal to the child and awaken his senses. Red, yellow, green or orange are the bright, contrasting colors often used by carpet designers to attract the attention of infants. Go, forget the decor and please your little one!

The reputation of the manufacturer

Some brands have recognized expertise in the design or distribution of non-toxic baby foam mat. For example, the SoftTiles baby foam mat is very popular. Other brands like Creative, Angels, Ludi and Tinéo have made a name in this area. Therefore, favor well-known brands, which are more inclined to look for ecological components to preserve their image. If the mark seems to be unknown, find out and read carefully the list of components used for the design of the baby foam carpet.

The floor mat does not have to be specially made for the baby, but it is important that it meets some minimum standards:

It must be able to serve from birth.
It must be reserved for him to keep clean. Indeed, your baby will put his face on it, will be able to fall asleep, take with the hands everything he finds within reach to bring to the mouth, to explore his environment. No question therefore that the dog comes on it, put his hair on it. Do not put your feet on it to avoid depositing dust and particles that your baby might ingest.

Warning: particles, pieces, threads can not come loose: he could swallow them by exploring his environment.

From birth to about 6 months, a carpet of 1 m × 1 m can suffice. Then, it takes a little longer for your baby to turn around several times and prepare to move. Choose a sufficient size, at least 1 m by 1 m.

Prefer a sufficient thickness, 2 cm minimum. A carpet too thin will not isolate your baby enough of the cold (especially if your floor is tiled) and will not amortize enough falls. Non-toxic baby foams are very practical accessories. They are simple, discreet and easy to carry. Their small size promotes their storage and they do not take much space when installed. Some models have a bag or carry handle that allows them to be moved with much greater ease.

To maintain a baby foam mat, simply clean it with a damp cloth slightly moistened with detergents. However, avoid the use of chemicals. They could be toxic to your child whose health is still fragile. If it soiled the carpet with diaper leaks or “burps”, then you can use a natural detergent such as lemon. However, we recommend materials such as plastic or rubber that are very easy to clean and less toxic. Read the detailed composition of the carpet that makes you want.


Avoid really formaldehyde, PVC, flame retardant, toluene, lead, benzene, phthalates, styrene, xylenes, bisphenol A, bisphenol S. Toddlers are particularly sensitive.

Tip: After purchase and before use, let it air a few hours out of your baby’s space.

Note: It is still possible to associate several floor mat or waking to compose a space with variable geometry.

To conclude

The non-toxic foam floor mat is one of the essential elements of childcare for toddlers. It is perfect to develop motor skills: on a carpet installed on the ground, your baby will learn to raise the head, to turn, to sit, and then standing, when it is ready.

With free motricity, the baby floor mat prepares and promotes all future acquisitions: language, school learning, motor skills, etc. It is a precious step in its development! In addition, it is a real playground for the little one.

What is a baby floor mat?

Baby foam mat are play spaces for infants. They are designed with “shockproof” materials that protect the baby in the event of an accident. Baby foam mats are also entertainment venues for newborns. They include drawings and toys whose role is to attract the child’s attention and awaken his senses. On foam play mats, the baby is protected while he is resting or learning to walk. The floor of these carpets is non-slip, which will prevent it from hurting itself, whatever its position. Most of the models you will find on the market are foam. It must be said that this material respects the fragility of the skin of the child in addition to having the merit of being an excellent shock. The foam mats are lightweight and move very easily. They often consist of several pieces to arrange, hence sometimes the name “slab”.

Baby floor mats clean, carry and store easily. Some models even come with a storage bag. The floor tiles for babies are also equipped with several games with best bluetooth headphones, drawings and colorful patterns that capture the attention of toddlers and allow them to better understand the shapes and colors of their environment. With them, the child will have the opportunity to develop his overall and fine motor skills while his parents are busy. He can move freely, get up or curl.

There are several kinds of this accessory: models with integrated arch and large carpets. The former are suitable for infants from 0 to 6 or 12 months or more in some cases. It all depends on how quickly your baby grows up. As for the second, they can be used up to 3 years. If you want to use it for so long, it is necessary to know the right actions to have.

What is the use of a non-toxic baby floor mat and why use it?

It is not always easy to find a safe place to drop your baby when you are busy. Generally, playgrounds protected by gates or cribs are available on the market to allow the mother to go about her activities while baby has fun or rest. But baby foam mats could be the best tools for newborns. On these entertainment areas, the child has enough space to explore his body and his environment. He will be able to experience his overall motor skills: movements, tonicity, supports or sensitive: tactile sense, manual input.

Thanks to the toys on the carpet tiles, your baby can develop a sense of curiosity. He can learn the numbers, letters or names of animals, plants or any other living being. He could even pronounce his first words there.

In general, to use a carpet, you just have to extend it to the ground in a defined area. If your model is made of pieces of puzzles, then you will have to assemble it before any use. You can always remove some slabs to allow your little piece of cabbage to exercise his jaw as well as his baby teeth. These slabs are very solid and will not wear quickly so. However, always take care to clean the carpet with non-toxic products for the child. Choose water and lemon as natural detergents. Best Comparatif offers you to discover in this article, the 5 best non-toxic baby floor mats, good reading.

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