Top 8 Best Survival Knife New Arrival – Reviews & Comparison

Do you have an adventurous soul? Do you like to lose yourself in nature, to find the excitement of one or more nights far from any civilization? Or do you simply go camping with your family to do waffle maker?! A survival knife is the tool for you!

More than just a knife, the best survival knife will serve you on many occasions. You can slice, cut, dig, uncap, trim and even carry first aid to an injured person with this object that oscillates between the weapon itself and the tool. It is a must, just like a tactical light, for anyone who ventures a little in nature.

In this guide, Dceiga offers you to discover what is a good survival knife, to choose the one that suits you the most. You will discover the most important selection criteria, the coolest accessories, as well as my recommendations for not buying anything! In addition, we reviewed some models of survival knives to establish a small comparison that will help you choose.

Ready for adventure?

Compare the 8 Best Survival Knives in 2018

Cudeman Survival Folding Knife 327

This first survival knife is a small model, with a blade of 10 cm, light (115 grams), and sold with a little discreet colorful case but that brings a touch of originality to the object. It is also offered in several colors quite flashy, and the black keeps our preference for its appearance infiltration / survival!

What we like
  • Its blade, despite its small size, is very sharp and strong
  • Its very interesting price
  • Ideal for outdoor activities with family or friends
  • Recognized reliability of Mora brand
What we regret
  • The design of its case will not please everyone
  • A little small

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RC6P Model 6 Survival Knife 29.6cm

This Esee brand survival knife is appealing at the very first glance because of its overall size, almost 30 cm, and the blade size of 14.60 cm. Knife lovers should also appreciate its sober and elegant design, with the choice of a black mast that we liked very much.

This Esee 6 survival knife is easy to handle, and it has a size that will satisfy even the largest hands that have very small quenottes! Rather heavy, since it weighs almost 500 grams, it is composed of a single piece of Carbon 1095. This weight is not a problem, as this knife is well balanced. And the impression of solidity that emerges reassures!

What we like
  • Unsurpassed solidity
  • Lifetime warranty
  • He is very handsome
  • Designed for survival in harsh conditions
What we regret
  • A little heavy
  • The explanatory sheet is only in English

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ZENGHAO Multifunction Survival Knife

The last survival knife we ​​reviewed is a pretty awesome model, since it is 16 in 1! A real Swiss army knife, it has several blades, a bottle opener, a corkscrew, as well as a needle eye, a nail file or scissors and a screwdriver. A true multifunctional tool, it can be used every day.

As a survival knife strictly speaking, it is quite small but will adapt more to camping and outings in moderate conditions than the real adventure. We understand it well by taking it in hand: it is very light (120 g) and solid enough, but it will not allow to slice a log or to attack a bear!

What we like
  • Its low price
  • Multifunction, it will be used for any occasion
  • The handy mini flashlight
  • It is very light
What we regret
  • Ideal for camping or walks, but not for pure survival
  • The ergonomics of the bottle opener leave something to be desired

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BearCraft – The best folding knife

This Survival knife from Bearcraft measures only 12.5 cm and weighs 180 g, it is of very high quality and considered as one of the best survival knives in its category. It is the most reliable tool to make your holidays easier, to help you at work or even to save your life, for example thanks to its seat belt cutter function for accident situations. Multifunctional, it combines a foldable blade with a partial shave, a zipper and a “pinball” as an opening aid, a belt cutter and a glass cutter at the bottom end of the handle.

What we like
  • Multifunctional: blade for cutting and sawing by sawtooth
  • Quality materials: aluminum and stainless steel
  • Size: only 12.5 cm and weighs 180 g
What we regret
  • The design of its very basic case
  • Can be seen as too small for some users

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This survival knife from the Mtech brand with a fixed blade is appealing at first glance because of its overall size of 20.32 centimeters, and its blade size of 10.16 cm. Knife lovers should also appreciate its sober and elegant design, with the choice of a black mast and shine that we liked very much or even pink to please adventurous women.

What we like
  • Materials used: one piece of steel
  • Design: choice of black or pink color
  • Quality: an unyielding solidity
What we regret
  • At the reception it is better sharpened to have a better edge.
  • Not really suitable for pure survival

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Gerber Bear Grylls – The Best Bear Grylls Survival Knife

This Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Knife, 12 cm by 210 grams, is the most complete and recommended model for those who want a weapon / tool all in one. It takes the form of a classic hunting knife with a blade and various accessories attached to it, contained in its case like a fire-stone. It is also provided with an adaptable sheath and a whistle.

What we like
  • Supplied accessories: firearm, adaptable sheath and emergency whistle
  • Cases: design and very good quality
  • Its blade: big size, very sharp and solid
What we regret
  • Slightly small and thin handle for users with big hands
  • Orange plastic handle can burn if it comes into contact with hot metal

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Regulus Knife – a survival knife of great resistance

best-knife-of-survivalThis luxury hunting knife, 440 C stainless steel, basic and efficient is the best in its range. With its very good grip, handle length 110 mm and its simple shape, it is rigid and imposing, which allows it to be used for cutting wood or digging, provided you get a stone or a rock that will help you drive the blade! This survival knife fixed blade will be much stronger than the others, and will cut hard elements without breaking. It is truly ideal for hunting or adventurous bivouacs. In addition, the brand ensures you can use it for several years in a row without any degradation.

What we like
  • Materials used very high quality (luxury)
  • The hole handle, allowing to hang a rope, a tie or a survival bracelet
  • Its blade: big size, very sharp and solid
What we regret
  • Its price: quality is paid
  • Design: too sober
  • Cardboard packaging

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Tac Force Americain First Rescue – A survival knife worthy of the army

Best-Survival-KnifeTac Force TF-640EMT Folding Emergency-Back Utility Knife is the best pocket survival knife. It is a very light product and very compact, and whose design is really interesting. Indeed, the mixture of black and orange colors offers a very beautiful visual. But the form of this equipment is both original and very satisfying. It weighs only 135 grams for a closed length of 11.74 cm, which, in itself, is a real performance. This weight is due to the materials that compose it, which are chosen according to their strength and weight. The handle of the latter is made from a semi-rigid plastic incredibly light, although very strong and resistant in time.

What we like
  • Design: very beautiful visual with easy opening
  • A knife of excellent quality
  • Possibility to clip it to the belt or pocket
What we regret
  • Channel not quite ergonomic
  • DManeuverability of the knife
  • Glassbreaker function very inefficient

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How to recognize a good survival knife

It should be known that the survival knife can take various forms. First of all, you will find three major categories of survival knives: the classic survival knife, the military knife and the hunting knife. Let’s see what are the characteristics of each of these models:

The survival knife, accessories and various functions

The survival knife is the most complete model and the one we recommend to those who want a weapon / tool all in one. It can take the form of a conventional hunting knife with a blade and various ancillary accessories (often contained in its case) or it can be a knife that is also called Swiss army knife or multifunction knife.

For a few days of wild camping with baby play mat, this type of knife will give you the opportunity to do many things: cut wood for fire, sharpen sticks for you to use as a tent stake (or protection against wild animals!), pierce containers containing your food (cans, recalcitrant cake pack!), or dig the ground to set up your camp and store things cool.

The military knife and its notched blade

The more classic military knife is recognizable by the shape of its notched blade. As the name suggests, it is the weapon that accompanies soldiers during their missions. If it is used at the base to kill or protect itself, it will serve you especially to cut wood! Practical and very resistant, it is the knife of the adventurers equipped with a bag, which will have the necessary in their wallet. The knife will be a solid ally, but incomplete.

The hunting knife, basic and effective

This is the simplest form of the survival knife. A classic blade, rigid and imposing, allows it to be used for cutting wood or for digging, provided you have a stone or rock that will help you drive the blade!

You now have an idea of ​​the different survival knives available, and as we will see later, there are many criteria that you will need to pay attention to in choosing the best survival knife.

But before that, let us introduce 3 models of knives, and that will allow you to make a more precise picture of the characteristics of these different objects.

Buying Guide For A Choose The Best Survival Knife

After these few examples of quality survival knife, it’s time to look at the essential criteria you need to consider when buying the best survival knife. We have established this list of 7 capital points which combined will offer you the best in survival knife.

Type of blade and its manufacture


Shape of the blade

Length and thickness of the blade

Ergonomics of the handle

Case and accessories available


The type of blade and its manufacture

When we choose a knife, it is on the blade that we look first. Rightly, since it will do 90% of the work, no matter what activity you use your survival knife! It is therefore necessary to pay particular attention to it.

First, we can classify the blades into two categories: Full-Tang blades and partial Tang blades.

Full Tang blades are blades that completely fill the knife handle. It will therefore be a single piece of steel, very robust, which we advise more particularly. They will always resist better than Tang Partial blades.
Tang Partial blades are therefore more fragile since the blade only partially fills the handle. Sometimes half, sometimes less, we find good survival knife Tang Partial (among folding knives in particular) but they will naturally be less resistant than Full Tang. Moreover, we advise you to avoid knives that have a secret compartment in the handle: it greatly affects the resistance of the knife!

Now that you know how to differentiate blade types, you should look at their style. Two types of effective survival knives can be found: fixed blade knives and folding knives. Let’s look at the characteristics of each of these models:

Fixed blades. They equip most survival or hunting knives, since their rigidity assures them solidity to any test (or almost!). A survival knife fixed blade will be much stronger, and will cut hard elements without breaking. Ideal for hunting or adventurous bivouacs.

The folding blades still have some nice qualities. No need for a case, they can easily be stored in your pocket or in a corner of your bag! The opening system is generally well worked, and allows instant blade output. Survival knives folding blades are very practical, but they will also be much more fragile than a knife with fixed blade. The blade is fixed thanks to a joint between the same blade and the handle, the risk of breakage is high. But for a specific use and for the sake of practicality, this type of knife will be appreciable!


The resistance of the blade on the one hand, and the knife as a whole is obviously very important for a survival knife. If your weapon breaks, it will then be of no use to you. And if you count on it to get you out of danger or to pierce the last box of ravioli , You will find yourself in an inconvenient situation.

For this, it is necessary to check the materials of design of the knife. For the blade, there are two types of steel used: stainless steel and carbon steel. If the first is a bit less solid but rust less quickly, carbon steel will be more resistant. However, it should be remembered to clean and wipe frequently as it tends to rust faster.

So it’s difficult to decide between these two elements, but here is a track that can guide you: if you want a knife easy to maintain and that you will use for simple work, light and specific outings in kind, the stainless steel knife will be zero doubt a good choice. However, those who want a very sturdy knife and who will take care of it regularly may turn more easily to the carbon steel survival knife.

The strength also concerns the handle of the knife: the latter can be made of 1001 materials (almost …), such as plastic, stainless steel, G10 (fiberglass + resin), titanium or aluminum for more common. Sometimes you’ll find knives with a mother-of-pearl or bone handle.

So often, we will favor a material for its aesthetics or for its weight, these different materials are naturally resistant. The quality of the handle will affect its price, and you can choose the knife you like most by mixing your budget and your tastes! For our part, we have a soft spot for rubber sleeves!

The shape of the blade

Most survival knife users will tell you the same thing: choose a straight blade that will easily dig into most materials and be easier to sharpen.

Among the many forms of blades, we can however note the notched blade used for sawing or hanging ropes or the double-edged blade that is convenient to clear a path!

The length and thickness of the blade

Still regarding the blade of the knife, it is important to consider its size. It will be more of a personal appreciation, to do according to your use. Too small (below 7cm), the blade will be relatively effective. But to choose a knife too big, with a blade of more than 15 cm, is to take the risk of not being able to transport it easily. The handling of a big knife requires some know-how, know it!

The ergonomics of the handle

It is at the level of the handling of the knife that the ergonomics of the handle must prove itself. The material of this one at its important, but also the form.

For the adventurers who will use their survival knife as an object to do everything, we advise you to choose a handle provided with a resistant pommel. This will prove very practical if you have to plant a few things in the ground (peg, tent sardine), or to break glass for example.

For the rest, the grip of the knife must be good, with a knife that will slip as little as possible and that will hold in your hand. A little more: the handle with hole, allowing to hang a rope, a tie or a survival bracelet!

Case and accessories available

The case and what it can store will be essential for anyone leaving for a few days on walks. Inside, you must be able to put accessories for the knife (sharpening stone, sharpener), but also fire lighters, or a small flashlight.

Also check that the case allows you to hang the knife on your belt, it is always very convenient.

The price

The last point on which we can not make the impasse is the price of the knife. And for a survival knife, it can oscillate between 15 and 300 euros! This wide range is the combination of all the elements mentioned above, but also the brand’s reputation. If you have a budget to meet, make your choice by swaying these various elements to get the best survival knife at the best price!

Use a survival knife in the best way: our adventurer tips

You can have the best survival knife in the world, but if you do not know how to use it, it will not help you! Here are some practical tips for handling your blade in real conditions!

As a hunting weapon, the knife can serve as a dagger; even spear if you fix it properly on a stick. Convenient for those who hunt small game to eat.

The survival knife will also be useful for digging and planting! Digging with a knife requires a solid blade, which will make a hole for fire, or a crevice in which to insert your organic waste. With his pommel, you can also plant pickets and sardines without difficulty!

Create hedge trimmers. With your knife and a little ingenuity, you can make other tools: cut, sharpen, cut, and realize all that your imagination allows you to do! Going even further, you can create small bridges, rafts, a small shelter … What to live in harmony with nature!

It is also possible to make fire with a survival knife! On the one hand, you will collect wood, sometimes scraping the chips directly on the trunk, but you can also start the fire with the lights of your holster, by friction.

You now have all the information you need to choose the best survival knife. Once you have acquired it, you will only have to go on an adventure, in your garden, in the forest or on the other side of the world, well accompanied!
Weight: 440 grams may discourage some user

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