The 10 Best Bluetooth Speakers (New Arrival) – Reviews & Comparison

It is a long time ago when dozens of pounds of material were needed to listen to his favorite songs … Amp, speakers, turntable, tape, cd player, radio tuner … The musical nomadism was only in its infancy there is barely thirty years. Since then, technologies related to listening to music have continued to evolve, and since the mp3 revolution, there has been another way to enjoy music. Exit heavy sound systems and endless cables, Bluetooth has relegated innumerable connections to the rank of distant memory.

Comparison of the Top 10 Bluetooth Speakers

Name(More Info)AutonomyWeightSealing
Aukey12 hours800 gramsNo
Sony SRS-XB10B16 hours260 gramsNo
JBLGO5 hours132 gramsNo
Ultimate Ears BOOM 215 hours550 gramsYes
Folder Soundbox12 hours560 gramsNo
Anker SoundCore15 hours216 gramsNo
Wirezoll8-15 hours650 gramsYes
ZoeeTree S16-8 hours312 gramsNo
Comiso Nature Audio20 hours1.5 kgNo
JBL Flip 412 hours520 gramsYes

Aukey – The best bluetooth speaker

Our opinion on the Aukey bluetooth speaker
  • An unbeatable value for money
  • Bass power
  • A very qualitative sound for a portable speaker
  • More than 10 meters of autonomy in Bluetooth
  • Compact and lightweight, perfect for transport
  • 4h charge for a full battery; we would have preferred less!

The Bluetooth speaker that offers the brand Aukey has all the qualities that we seek in this object! At the same time practical to use, solid and emitting a more than satisfactory sound, it will be able to accompany you on the roads, on the beach, or to diffuse your favorite music at your place in all the rooms of your home.

Let’s start with its design, both elegant and modern. This will allow this Bluetooth speaker to take place at home without denoting. Its woven lining gives it solid strength and its non-slip base will prevent it from falling accidentally. In addition, we liked its lightness – less than 1 kilo – and its small size (8.3 x 2.5 x 4.5 cm) which allows to carry it everywhere without any harm: from piece to piece, or in your bag to have music outside!

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And since we’re talking about a nomadic speaker, let’s talk about its autonomy: 12 hours of music, if you maintain a 50% volume sound. Nothing to say, it allows constant listening without having to recharge very often (the charge takes about 4 hours for a full battery). You can change the volume directly from the speaker, via the dedicated button. It is next to buttons that are used to change the tracks but also to take a voice call directly on the speaker.

It is a Bluetooth speaker, which accepts Bluetooth 4.2 which allows you to connect wirelessly to the vast majority of your devices. But a wired connection is also possible, thanks to a 3.5 mm audio cable included. A microphone headset for calls is also provided.

And the sound in all this? This is still the reason for being this type of portable speaker! Well he is powerful, with a particular care that has been brought to the bass. The passive dual radiator system makes it possible to broadcast a clear sound, which by default is already very satisfactory. The midrange and treble are well balanced, and the sound that comes out of the two speakers 10 W perfectly pays homage to the titles you will listen. We tried with different musical styles (Rock, Reggae, Soul, Electro, …) with each time a sound of very good quality. If you want, you can even download an app on your smartphone or tablet to adjust it with greater precision.

The Bluetooth function offers a fluid transmission up to 10 meters from the transmitting device, without any interference. This is nice, as the speaker automatically connects to your device when it’s turned on.

This speaker will easily cover a room from 35 to 45 m2, which allows you to use it to animate evenings, in case of absence of stereo or fixed speakers! Perfect for party-goers, music lovers who are traveling or going out, and those who like to enjoy their favorite music in every room of their home! It is the best bluetooth speaker less than 50 , and at this price, we are conquered.

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Sony SRS-XB10B – Best Bluetooth Speaker (2018)

Sony’s reputation for audio hardware is well established. Proof is with this Sony SRS-XB10B all in sobriety and performance. Here, its cylindrical structure offers a sleek design and hosts commands almost invisible at first sight. Discreetly placed at the back of the device, there is at their side a small door housing the connectors and micro-usb port to recharge its battery.

Robust design and materials offer excellent splash resistance thanks to its IPX5 standard. Thus, you can take it absolutely everywhere: bathroom and kitchen for the interior, poolside or rainy hiking for the outdoors … Nothing stops this off-road speaker. Nomadic and ultra-portable, it has a weight of 260 grams to be able to carry everywhere without effort. Practical, its silicone grip can serve as a base to place it on any support and enjoy its incredible sound capacity.

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Indeed, the Sony SRS-XB10B offers exceptional sound quality. In addition to clear highs and warm mediums, its “Extra Bass” function allows you to manage the presence of bass with your fingertips according to the music played. Indeed, associated with its monaural loudspeaker of a great accuracy, the passive radiator makes it possible to optimize the bass and reinforce the basses for an effect of depth unequaled. Ideal for electro titles for example.

The icing on the cake, it is quite possible to pair two speakers to get a stereo and sublimate his favorite tracks.

Side autonomy, we reach highs with 16 hours of continuous music at medium volume thanks to a lithium battery of very high capacity. What keep the party going until the end of the night.

Also, its NFC technology will allow you to connect your smartphone by simple contact with the device. Bluetooth connectivity has never been easier.
Equipped with a 3.5mm auxiliary jack, the SRS-XB10B is designed to connect any type of portable equipment. Tablets, laptops, MP3 or CD players … You will be able to enjoy the whole of your discotheque whatever the desired medium.

Thus, the solidity, the incredible sound capacity and the multitude of proposed functions make without doubt this SRS-XB10B the best Bluetooth speaker of the year 2018.

What we like
  • Sound quality
  • The Extra Bass function
  • autonomy
  • Pairing for stereo rendering
What we regret
  • No

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JBLGO – Best Compact Bluetooth Speaker

With an international reputation for the quality and reliability of the manufacturing of its products, it was inconceivable for JBL not to attack the Bluetooth speaker market. A true reference in the world of sound, the Californian brand created in 1946 by James Bullough Lansing equips many movie theaters and provides sound for the world’s biggest events such as the Grammy Awards or Super Bowl concerts. It is therefore difficult to ignore wireless for the general public. It’s done with this Bluetooth portable speaker JBLGO, a concentrate of JBL know-how in the palm of your hand.

On the design side, it’s minimalism that wins with a very simple cubic shape reminiscent of guitar amps rock scenes. Its speaker 7 cm in diameter is protected by a metal grid with the broad logo of the firm. On the front panel, we find the different functions offered by the speaker with 5 buttons in relief of the most beautiful effect: “ON / OFF”, “Bluetooth” to pair the devices together, “Volume + / -” and function ” Hands free “in case of a phone call. A refined aesthetic available in 8 colors to suit all tastes.

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In addition to its wireless function, it hosts a 3.5mm auxiliary jack that allows you to connect other audio devices that are not equipped with Bluetooth technology, such as an mp3 player or a CD player. With only 130 grams on the scale, the JBLGO is a real featherweight that allows it to be carried everywhere.

If we dwell on the sound performance, it is a real surprise that awaits us when we are facing such a compact speaker. Thus, the treble is not aggressive, the midrange are warm, and bass well present, which is a real feat for an amplifier of this size. A power that does not prevent a good autonomy, since it is possible to enjoy more than 5 hours of non-stop music. Thus, JBL has indeed exploited all its expertise to offer a real gem of technology at a price defying all competition. Compatible with IOS and Android, the JBLGO is undoubtedly the best compact bluetooth speaker in its class.

What we like
  • The seriousness of the JBL brand
  • The weight
  • Sound restitution
  • The price
What we regret
  • A must have if it had been waterproof.

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Ultimate Ears BOOM 2 – Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

A real reference in the field of the nomadic Bluetooth speaker, Ultimate Ears offers BOOM 2, the perfect ally for adventurous vacationers who adhere to environments that are not conducive to tranquility. Robust enough for any test, this sound cylinder with a very pleasant design is fashioned in materials of extreme strength. Thus, the enclosure can be immersed in water for 30 minutes to a depth of one meter! With an autonomy of 15 hours for a charging time of 2:30, it ensures long musical moments in perspective. Designed for outdoor recreation, it offers 30 meters of Bluetooth range for total freedom of movement. Thus, it is ideal for sports activities requiring a large amplitude and large spaces.

When it sends the first notes, it is instantly blown away by the immersive 360 ??° sound that provides a unique spatial sensation. Indeed, the spectrum is distributed homogeneously regardless of the space in which the speaker is located. Placed in the middle of a garden or a vast expanse, it is impossible to escape the music that emanates from it. And to accentuate this effect, it is possible to pair two devices from a single source to increase the sound range. Convenient when you want to enjoy his favorite titles absolutely everywhere.

More Info

Another very interesting feature of this chamber: the diversity of the proposed functions. Pushing the technology “hands free” to the extreme, just tap on the top of the Ultimate Ears BOOM 2 to launch a song, pause it.

or move on to the next title. And for total control without the use of his fingers, the device can be paired with Siri or Google Now to launch his music without having to touch the speaker. Playful, the focus has also been on its dedicated free app available on the Apple Store and Google Play. Thus, you can control your speaker remotely, assign a function “wake up music”, save your settings through the equalizer, and even play apprentices Dj’s through the “party” mode. A complete set of tools to make the most of its various functions.
Ensuring a long life thanks to the seriousness of its manufacture, the Ultimate Ears BOOM 2 is by far the best waterproof Bluetooth speaker in its price range.

What we like
  • 360 ° sound
  • Robustness
  • The scope
  • sealing
  • The complete application
What we regret
  • The price may be a bit high

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Folder Soundbox – Best Cheap Bluetooth Speaker

Founded in 1999, Doss has forged a solid reputation over the decades for manufacturing audio terminals. Proof of its seriousness, Doss is the first iPod with the “radio” function and touch technology. Since then, the firm has continued to offer a range of affordable products of very good quality thanks to the know-how of the best engineers of the American and European continents. This is also the case of this Doss Soundbox, a Bluetooth ingot to sublimate your music. At first sight, the device seems solid and offers a simple and clean design.

On its upper fa?ade, there is a set of smooth and luminous touch controls offering the common actions when using such a speaker: “Mode”, “Previous title / fast return”, “Next title / fast forward”, ” Play / pause / handsfree function ?. Equipped with a powerful 12-watt speaker, the sound is crystal clear and precise, and the bass is up to expectations: powerful and without distortion. Thus, the Soundbox Doss perfectly fulfills its role of “sound box” wherever it is placed. Living room, bedroom, garden, office or car interior … Your favorite music follows you wherever you go.

More Info

You can even go up to 10 meters thanks to its compatibility Bluetooh 4.0. Also, the Soundox automatically connects to the last device connected previously, which offers its user a considerable time saving. Like other speakers in its range, the unit also hosts an auxiliary 3.5mm jack to connect all wired devices.

Convenient when you want to enjoy your mp3 player or CD player.

With an autonomy of 12 hours of continuous playback, this speaker enters the products very reasonable in terms of power consumption. To do this, Doss has equipped its device with a Li-Ion battery of 2200 mAh rechargeable in 3 to 4 hours. A charging time a little long compared to equivalent devices, but that does not alter the pleasure of its use thanks to a neat design and an exemplary sound reproduction. Without a doubt one of the best Bluetooth speakers cheap.

What we like
  • Design
  • Sound quality
  • autonomy
What we regret
  • The charging time a little long

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Anker SoundCore – Best Bluetooth Mini Speaker

As the world leader in battery charging technologies, Anker has diversified since its inception, offering quality audio products for the general public. The German company has created a range of portable Bluetooth speakers robust and long-lasting thanks to its experience in the field. Thus was born the Anker SoundCore mini, a speaker holding in the palm of the hand for an amazing sound for its dimensions. Light and non-slip, it offers a simple and rounded design that inspires solidity and reliability. Composed of a 6.7 cm high cylinder with a diameter of 6.7 cm, its structure hosts an effective speaker of 5 watts that delivers a powerful and accurate sound. Thanks to its passive housing, it offers round bass and present without any distortion. Here, the practicality of the functions has been privileged thanks to a series of buttons and ports located all around the base of the enclosure and on the facade. Thus, the Anker SoundCore mini is controllable at the fingertips with exceptional ease.

More Info

Small plus that makes the difference compared to the competition: the speaker can accommodate a micro SD card through its dedicated port. Added to Bluetooth technology and its auxiliary 3.5 mm jack, you can listen to your favorite tracks whatever the media used.

Also, its built-in microphone will allow you to make calls in “hands-free” mode.

Thanks to the long battery life of Li-On, you can enjoy more than 15 hours of music without recharging the battery. In addition, you will enjoy total freedom of movement thanks to the onboard Bluetooth 4.0 technology which allows to move away from the device up to 20 meters. Perfect to enjoy the enclosure in his garden or in large rooms of the house. Very convenient, it automatically reconnects to the last device used to gain valuable time between two musical sessions. Thus, thanks to its small size and sound reproduction quality, the Anker SoundCore mini is undoubtedly one of the best mini Bluetooth speakers on the market.

What we like
  • The size / performance ratio
  • autonomy
  • The micro SD port
  • ergonomics
What we regret
  • Not waterproof

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Wirezoll– Best Chinese bluetooth speaker

Based in Shenzen, China, Wirezoll specializes in the design of audio equipment, especially in nomadic music. With a growing international reputation, the firm offers a wide range of headphones, ear buds but also a Bluetooth speaker soberly called “Speaker Wirezoll”. At first, we are struck by the very futuristic design of the object with clean lines and frank. In the form of ingot, the speaker is sheared with red notches of the most beautiful effect, evoking the design of computer gamers. If we dwell on the making of the product itself, we see that two plastics form its shell. One is hard to avoid breakage in case of impact, the other is flexible to protect electronic components. Thus, its design is robust to any test for a very long life. Proof of its solidity, the enclosure is dustproof and completely waterproof. Perfect for camping trips, the beach or in places that are conducive to natural elements.

More Info

At the back of the unit is a 3.5mm auxiliary jack for external wired devices, as well as a convenient location for a micro SD card. A complement to the Bluetooth 4.1 technology that allows to capture an audio source up to 20 meters without interference. If we dwell on the audio quality, we are delighted with the clarity of the sound and the total lack of saturation. Small downside, however, on the bass that may lack a bit of biting on hip-hop or electro songs. Nothing serious however, since the spectrum is very well restored in its entirety.

With a long battery life, its battery ensures 15 hours of continuous use at a reasonable volume (8 hours at maximum level, a case that rarely occurs) and recharges in just two hours. Ideal for long trips or dances. A very nice little detail: the Wirezoll comes with a bicycle handlebar support. Thus, it is possible to fix it on his two-wheelers for hours of music ballad. Associated with a more than reasonable price for its services, its exemplary versatility makes it the best Chinese Bluetooth speaker on the market.
What we like
  • Waterproof and dustproof speaker
  • The micro SD card port
  • The bike rack provided
  • autonomy
What we regret
  • Can not connect multiple sources in Bluetooth
  • Bass a little behind on some musical styles

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ZoeeTree S1– Best Bluetooth speaker

With an unbeatable price, the ZoeeTree S1 surprises with its elegant and neat appearance. Offering a sober design, this rectangular enclosure with bluish contours hosts a front metal grid in relief of the most beautiful effect. On top of it are the classic function buttons of a portable speaker: “Mode”, “Play / Pause”, “Previous Title / Next Title”, “Volume + and -“, “Hands Free Function”. On the back side are the different ports for external devices: USB, micro USB, TF card and 3.5mm auxiliary jack. A variety of external sources very convenient if you want to enjoy different devices that are not equipped with Bluetooth technology, such as mp3 player or CD player.

More Info

If we dwell more on the sound capabilities of the ZoeeTree S1, we note that the latter is equipped with a 40mm double driver speaker. Thus, the camera offers crystal clear sound and efficient bass without distortion even at high volume. Far from equaling high-end models, we are still very pleasantly surprised by the sound quality.

In real conditions, its Bluetooth 4.2 technology allows it to be kept away from its transmitter up to 10 meters. Thus, the speaker plays its role perfectly in all parts of the house, but also outdoors, in the garden or on sports fields.

If we look at its autonomy, its rechargeable lithium battery gives it six hours of continuous use at medium volume. Performance that place it a little below other speakers a little more expensive, which does not prevent to provide the essential for a product of this range. Small plus not negligible compared to the speakers of the same category: the ZoeeTree S1 integrates a F.M. tuner, an ideal feature for long trips and hikes. Thanks to its versatility, its multitude of features and a price floor, the ZoeeTree S1 is Bluetooth speaker less than 100 ideal for tight budgets.

What we like
  • The price
  • Sound quality
  • The F.M. Radio function
What we regret
  • autonomy

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Comiso Nature Audio – Best Bluetooth Speaker in Living Room

Brands a little less known than the behemoths of the sector sometimes book their lot of excellent surprises. Far from the giants in the field, the brand Comiso offers a Bluetooth speaker model of excellent quality that meets the sweet name of “Comiso Nature Audio”. To find out, first look at the beautiful design of the speaker to understand that the quality of manufacture is one of the strengths of the brand. With a natural aesthetic extremely well designed, the enclosure and made of noble materials. There is indeed on the upper facade a beautiful bamboo plate that accommodates four buttons. The speaker is also surrounded by a mesh fabric of the most beautiful effect from protecting the speakers. Thus, all is rather heavy with its 1.4 kg, which gives it a semi-nomadic capacity ideal for a main living room speaker. This robustness therefore inspires confidence and high-end even before turning on the power, which is already a feat in itself.

More Info

Once on, you just have to pair the speaker with any hardware with Bluetooth on board. Smartphones, tablets, laptops … Recognition is immediate to enjoy long hours of wireless music. Indeed, with a record autonomy of 20h average noise level.

we remain in the average very high for this type of product. Here again a very good surprise.

With two speakers with DSP technology of 15 Watts each, a total of 30 watts, the power of the Comiso Nature Audio is well and truly at the rendezvous. Crisp highs, midrange present and deep bass sublimate each piece broadcast without distortion no matter what the musical style. Also ideally suited for cinematographic use, it is the ideal complement to a computer or television to view its movies in a comfortable sound environment thanks to a total absence of latency between the image and the sound.

Thus, this Comiso Nature Audio Bluetooth speaker is a real competitor to the speakers of well-known brands. With a beautiful design, a neat design and an audio result up to expectations, it remains unquestionably one of the best living room Bluetooth speakers.

What we like
  • Design
  • Sound quality
  • The quality of manufacture
  • Value for money
What we regret
  • The lack of protection against water and dust

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JBL Flip 4 – The Best Bluetooth Speaker JBL

JBL is one of the most popular audio brands in the world. With unparalleled know-how in assembly, design and quality of materials, the American firm has shone since its creation in 1946. So it is not a surprise if the Californian company has adapted to the market excelling in Bleteooth speaker design. Proof of this is with the JBL Flip 4, a true reference in the world of mobile wireless speakers.

After having proved itself thanks to three very successful previous versions, the Flip comes back with a fourth version and some notorious improvements. On the design side, however, it retains its original cylindrical shape that allows you to enjoy your favorite pieces horizontally or vertically (hence its name). Covered with a waterproof fabric meeting the IPX7 standard, it can be submerged up to 1m deep for 30 minutes. Thus, it is perfectly adapted to humid or dusty environments, like the edge of a swimming pool or at the beach.

More Info

We find on its edge the various functions offered by the device: the power button, the switch “JBL connect” which allows to connect several speakers to increase the sound power, and a waterproof door under which find the mini-jack 3.5mm auxiliary input connectors and a mini-USB port for recharging. The sound control buttons are located on the speaker (volume, play and Bluetooth activation).

Equipped with a microphone, the JBL Flip 4 also serves as a hand-reading kit for smartphones.

If we look at the sound quality of the product, we are immediately amazed by the crystalline nature of the sounds, regardless of the style of music listened to. The bass, meanwhile, have been significantly improved over previous models, providing power and roundness in the low frequencies. Even if we can see a loss of precision at high volume, we still face an excellent speaker. In order to appreciate all the quintessence, it is also preferable to position it against a wall for more sound homogeneity. Thus, this JBL Flip 4 has to improve all the weak points of its previous versions to propose an accomplished model which makes of it an unavoidable speaker with the ratio quality / price unbeatable.

What we like
  • Clarity of sound
  • The quality of manufacture
  • sealing
  • The JBL connect function
What we regret
  • Precision drop at high volume

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Buying Guide: How to choose the best Bluetooth speaker?

Choosing a Bluetooth speaker that fully meets your needs is not easy as the supply on the market is plethoric. With the democratization of very good quality devices at ultra-competitive prices, difficult indeed to find happiness. However, many criteria come into play in order not to go wrong and make the most of your favorite music in complete freedom. To help you make the right choice, here are the main criteria to review before embarking on the world of Bluetooth speakers.

Daily use

Having knowledge of the use that you will make of your future Bluetooth speaker will guide you significantly in your choice. Indeed, there are two main categories of devices: nomadic speakers and living room speakers. As the name implies, each one responds to distinct needs. Thus, the nomad speaker will allow you to enjoy your music absolutely everywhere, indoors and outdoors. Its robustness and lightness will allow it to face all types of conditions, from water to dust and shocks, while being very easily transportable. The living room, for its part, is more intended for interiors. Generally imposing, it will offer a massive and powerful sound with a panoramic worked to give the sensation to the listener that it has to do to a hi-fi material of very high quality.Some are even made from high-strength materials on the ice cream maker.

The sound quality

The comfort of listening and essential to take full advantage of its Bluetooth speaker. Feel free to test different models to identify your sound needs. It is better to favor the clarity of treble, the heat of the midrange and the depth of the bass for a subtle mix of frequencies. Also, everything also depends on your favorite musical styles. Fans of electro and urban music will favor bass very present.

while lovers of rock and pop prefer the clarity of guitars and vocals.


The race for greater autonomy is one of the nerves of the war between competitors. Legitimate, when you know that a Bluetooth speaker provides an average of 10 hours of non-stop music at average volume. Oscillating in reality between 5 and 20 hours.

it is better to look seriously at this criterion so as not to have the bad

surprise to see its favorite title stop in the

middle of a chorus or worse, in the middle of a festive evening. Therefore, prefer an excellent autonomy, especially if you plan to go hiking or camping with your disco at hand.

The price

If the market has been flooded with a multitude of cheap Bluetooth

speakers (we can easily find less than ten on the internet).

vigilance is still de rigueur.

With a few rare exceptions, it is better to turn to slightly more

expensive models for brands that have already proven themselves. Even if the price does not make quality.

you will be certain that your device will meet the basic criteria without any unpleasant surprise.

Thus, thirty invested in a Bluetooth speaker will protect you

from a poor quality of manufacture or incompatibility with your multimedia devices.

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