The best Bluetooth active noise canceling headphones (New Arrival) – Our selection

You will agree, nothing is more pleasant than a true musical escape without any parasitic noise or false note. To meet your expectations, the secret is to get a good Bluetooth headset with the technology that absorbs them, namely the active noise reduction.Bluetooth speaker also has the same technology.

Nowadays, the number of Bluetooth headphones equipped with this technology is growing exponentially on the market, sometimes rightly leaving its users lost to information and the incredible choice of models.

In order to help you choose the best noise canceling Bluetooth headset for your use, dceiga has reviewed 5 quality Bluetooth headphones that you will find in the contents of this comparison. Similarly, a shopping guide will help you understand the important features to consider in choosing the best noise canceling Bluetooth headset.

Whether for professional use, at home, on the move or moments of musical relaxation, you will find the headphones that are made for you through this selection of the best Bluetooth headsets with noise reduction technology.

1. TaoTronics – The best bluetooth headset noise reduction price / quality ratio

Our opinion on the TaoTronics noise-canceling bluetooth headphones
  • Its very own
  • Autonomy of 30h
  • Very comfortable
  • Extremely competitive price
  • The carrying case supplied is rigid and therefore a bit bulky

You dream to listen to your music without being distracted by the surrounding noise during your travels by train or plane and without fear for the autonomy of the battery? You will not regret the purchase of our place of the best noise reduction Bluetooth headset sold by TaoTronics and that at an extremely competitive price.

After reviewing it, we can now say that it is the noise-reducing headset that defies Bose directly with its excellent quality / price ratio. Its users associate it without complex with the most posh model, amazing? See for yourself…

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With a quality sound and well balanced: aggressive bass, balanced midrange and clear treble thanks to dual 40mm speaker, in addition to effective active noise reduction at will, you will try to adopt it.

It will not do you any fault regarding the life of its battery, if not beyond 25 hours of listening … and a pair of overtime wired mode. Obviously, the microphone is integrated and you will enjoy making your phone calls with the noise reducer, is not it?

Comfortable to wear thanks to its super soft ear pads, its 90 ° swivel ear cups (practical for wearing the helmet around the neck), its ergonomic headband and its reduced weight thanks to the materials used. Specifically: it is a Bluetooth headset noise reduction very pleasant and in no way disturbing. A fortiori, when you know that it is foldable and sold with a protective carrying case.

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2. Bose QuietComfort 35 – The best noise reducing Bluetooth headset on the market

Our opinion on the Bose QuietComfort 35 noise reduction Bluetooth headset
  • NFC technology allows 2 compatible devices to connect
  • Autonomy of 20 hours per charge; up to 40h in wired use
  • A recharge of 15 minutes ensures an additional 2.5 hours of listening
  • The sound is degraded when the microphone is activated: it is better to opt for a wired use during videoconferencing or video game online
  • The update of the headphones can cause a loss of quality of the noise reducer
What’s better than a known audio specialist known as Bose to ensure the purchase of a product of a quality as prodigious as its ergonomics and reputation?

Immerse yourself in your musical bubble without any false note: optimized and ergonomic in all areas of expertise, the sound is of irreproachable quality without any vibration of the bass and you will note with pleasure the impressive difference and the efficiency of the reducer noise by turning it on and off!

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Whether you wear glasses or if you do not want to remove your Bose Bluetooth headset of the day, be aware that it presents no discomfort and remains more comfortable, both for your skull and for your ears!

This Bose Bluetooth headset even offers the ability to connect two devices simultaneously with NFC technology. And it’s pretty easy to imagine you amazed by his expertise in express charging: a recharge of only 15 minutes ensures an additional 2:30 of listening and we did not invent, it was Bose who did!

Note: The helmet comes with a hard protective case, a cable jack and an adapter for aircraft and a micro USB charging cable and requires the installation on your SmartPhone of the application “Bose Connect” (on iOS or Android) before connecting automatically and in a few seconds.

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3. Plantronics BackBeat PRO 2 – The Most Versatile Noise Reducing Bluetooth Headset

Our Review of the Plantronics BackBeat PRO 2 Bluetooth Noise Canceling Headset
  • NFC technology allows two compatible devices to connect
  • Motion sensors that activate the “pause” mode if you remove the headphones
  • 24h autonomy
  • Its design
  • 90 ° rotating earpieces
  • Over time, some discomfort may appear in the atria due to the compression of the foam
You will agree, nothing is more enjoyable than the musical escape in harmony with a good noise reducing Bluetooth headset. And this, to appreciate all the more the restitution of soft sounds and agreeably embellished well defined bass.

The American manufacturer Plantronics deploys an evolution of its BackBeat PRO model, which is thinned in a slender design with a padded headband between fabric and leatherette ensuring a better comfort and an absolutely optimal maintenance. Its 90 ° swivel ear cups adapt to all morphologies without any problem.

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This is the most versatile Bluetooth noise reducing headset on the market: it has a multitude of features excellently integrated into the helmet including its motion sensors detecting the removal of the headset to “pause”. But also, a prodigious autonomy and a real sound quality of appeal, in addition to a 24h autonomy. And this, while assuming true sonic performance that you will be forced to see!

Extremely convenient with the main controls on the outside of the left atrium such as the activation or deactivation of the noise reducer and commands to manage its listening and calls. Control at your fingertips and functional plus, perfect!

It is obviously possible to connect two devices simultaneously, convenient to the office to keep connected your computer and your smartphone.

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4. Cowin E7 – The excellent surprise

Our opinion on Cowin E7 bluetooth noise canceling headphones
  • The battery is interchangeable
  • Autonomy of 30h
  • Range of about 8 meters with a TV
  • 90 ° rotating earpieces
  • More cumbersome and heavy model than its competitors

Looking for a cheap noise-canceling Bluetooth headset, but effective enough to hide the cacophony in your office or home? Enjoy hearing only what you want to hear, escape into your music, movies and videos.

With a clean and powerful sound, a pretty look of good quality and a range of 30h that is dreamy, the Cowin headphones rightly positioned on the market. Especially since it is one of the few to have a removable battery, aspect far from insignificant you will agree.

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It is a product of good quality comfortable to wear and even after hours of listening atria do not hurt or sweat excessively. This headset gives complete satisfaction both in terms of comfort and in terms of its features: pairing with Bluetooth is fast, the earpieces rotate at 90 ° and ensure easy transport.

And if we told you that it also performs its function of wired noise reduction?

Note: comes with a storage pocket, a cable jack and a power cable

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5. Mpow – Efficiency at a low price

Our opinion on the Mpow noise reduction Bluetooth headset
  • Autonomy of 20h
  • Foldable helmet
  • Fast charge
  • The auricles give hot after a few hours of use
Whether nomadic or pleasantly installed in front of your TV, this Bluetooth headset will give you all the satisfaction you want with its noise reduction. As fascinating for its design as for its ergonomics and its excellent quality, it is the fruit of the combination between plastic and aluminum.

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Comfortable both in terms of its headband and headphones that completely encompass the ear, it is extremely popular with gamers. And in addition when it is in charge, it is illuminated by a slight white halo which completes its elegant robocop look! Between us, it deserves its place in our comparison of the best noise canceling Bluetooth headsets. His only downside is not to have noise reduction in Bluetooth mode.

Note: Comes with a cloth storage pouch, a cable jack and a power cable

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Buying Guide: How to choose the best Bluetooth headset noise reduction?

Far from being a simple accessory, the Bluetooth headsets guarantee the user to free himself from a cable that can be a nuisance, hang on all-out or even be damaged without the possibility of replacement. It is therefore a considerable extra comfort to consider in obtaining your equipment. But not only …

Sound quality

Accessibility of control commands


The shape of the earphones: circum-aural VS supra-aural

Its design


Sound quality

It is obvious that we can not exclude this criterion in the choice of a headphone. The quality of sound is above all what each user is looking for, regardless of the style of music being played or the use made of it (movies, video games, etc.).

It’s the bass that determines the best audio quality, the manufacturers are careful to balance them so that they are not too high on the highs or lows but there is enough bass to ensure sound quality pleasant. The good balance is clear bass that does not come to hide the treble and ensures a pleasant final sound in the ear.

And of course in the quality of the noise reduction technology that benefits the helmet you have elected. Although it is the secret of many technological prowess, the mode of operation to design an isolation of external sounds, is also excellent that obvious: the ambient sound is recorded automatically and regularly in a ridiculous microphone, before being immediately transmitted to a processor that analyzes it and projects a sound counterbalancing the harmful sound element accordingly.

Accessibility of control commands

If you’re thinking of buying a Bluetooth headset, it’s probably to give you the luxury of avoiding getting your smartphone out at any time to manage your music or receive a call, right?

This is therefore to be taken into consideration at the time of purchase as it is a more significant comfort issue. Most of the headsets we reviewed in this noise-reducing Bluetooth Headset Comparison feature have built-in controls.

In order to elect your nomadic headset, think about the convenience of its controls, which must be intuitive and accessible when you have the headphones on your ears.


The set of Bluetooth headsets in this comparison have a rechargeable battery whose life is relatively long and sufficient to not run out of battery when traveling to the end of the world, efficient between 20h and 30h, they send heavy!

However, other features may interfere with your choice of a headset if they are as relevant as they are beneficial to your battery’s better battery operation.Just like an air purifier gives you fresh air:

– Some models of headphones like the Plantronics BackBeat PRO 2 have a complementary technology that automatically pauses listening when you remove the headset, which is far from trivial if you want to prevent the battery even if you forgot to pause your headset. Rather smart is not it?
– Similarly, see the practical aspect of Cowin E7 headset from which you can remove and change the battery and thus ensure unlimited listening by playing the card of foresight and buying a spare battery. With such a perspective, you can leave serene for a trek in the heart of nature!
– And the express recharge of the Bose QuietComfort 35 which a recharge of only 15 minutes provides additional 2:30 of listening, we talk about it?

The shape of the earphones: circum-aural VS supra-aural

There are two types of earphone shapes, namely:

– The circum-aural earpiece which as its name indicates

from the Latin meaning comes to rest “around the ear” to

include it perfectly in the protective foam of the speaker.

In general, the headsets of these helmets are larger in size. However, the complete wrap of the ear obviously allows to get better insulation to surrounding noise.

– The supra-aural earphone that comes to land “on the ear”, recognizable by the flat shape of the ear cups.

Conversely, these headphones have smaller headphones and therefore lighter

what is felt on the overall weight of the headset but also in the ease of transport.

In general, this aspect is important however it will not affect the performance

of the helmet but more about the comfort of its user.

Its design

Think about the desired effect, the aesthetic appearance you want to clear by wearing your helmet. Some models are sober while others combine different materials or colors …

and the collection of Bluetooth noise canceling headphones is great! This decision obviously belongs to you. But if ideally, you are fond of a helmet design that turns out to be more comfortable.

it’s won for you!


Through this selection of the 5 best Bluetooth headsets.

we hope to have pointed you in your choice of purchase of a noise-reducing Bluetooth headset.

in addition to answering your questions about the important

criteria to consider in order to elect the one which suits you.

Keep in mind the importance of the quality of its materials

and deployed technologies that make all their sense in the auditory and physical comfort of your future helmet. Similarly,Soap dispenser lubrication technology.the practical aspect of its use concerning the accessibility of its control commands may cause discomfort to use if it turns out that they are not ergonomic enough. But above all YOUR priority according to your use.

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