Top 5 Best Waffle Iron (New Arrival) – Reviews & Comparison

This is a point common to all gourmets: there are culinary and taste memories of early childhood that remain engraved forever. The fragrant taste of the waffle is indisputably part of it. Composed of simple and natural ingredients such as milk, flour, sugar, salt, eggs, yeast and vanilla extract, it is embellished with products that limit only the imagination of gourmands. Chocolate spread, icing sugar, cinnamon, apples … Everything is good to satisfy their taste buds. Like crepe, the waffle can be enjoyed sweet but also salty. Cheese, vegetables, smoked salmon like pizza, bacon or chicken …

All possibilities are allowed to use Hedge Trimmer to devour them. Thus, lovers of main courses feast as much as fans of desserts. And proof that the waffle is on the rise, some great chefs have developed the most daring recipes to decorate prestigious meals, such as waffle potato and caviar. An entire program ! And if you’re more tartine than waffle, discover now our selection of the best toast!

Tefal Snack Collection – Best Multifunction Waffle Maker

Review of the Tefal Snack Collection waffle iron
  • The multitude of proposed plaques
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy storage
  • Also made croque-monsieur
  • For its price range
Rating8.4 / 10

The Tefal brand is undeniably the one that comes to mind when we talk about non-stick coatings for culinary use. After adapting its concept for stoves, the French company has tackled the small appliance market. It was only natural that the house founded in 1954 created a range of waffle irons of excellent quality.

This is the case with his model Snack Collection, a real small waffle maker extremely powerful to feast the whole family. Comes with a set of two plates, it is able to cook waffles like classic croque-monsieur.

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Small plus that makes all the difference compared to traditional devices: it is possible to acquire optional plates to achieve all his desires, whether sweet or salty. For example, heart waffles, wafers, wafers, triangle crêpes, panini-grill, French toast, pancakes, turnovers, donuts, mini bites, mini bars, biscuits and mini madeleines are all at your fingertips for unlimited imagination.

The icing on the cake: Each set of plates comes with a cookbook to design hundreds of different dishes. Practical and easy to use, the Snack Collection waffle iron is extremely easy to clean thanks to its non-stick coating.

Removable and very easily interchangeable, plate sets pass without problems in the dishwasher for a considerable time saving in cooking. In addition, their clever storage cabinet offers a significant advantage for small spaces.

With a stainless steel liner giving it a featherweight of 2.82 kg, and a power of 700 watts, the Snack Collection is one of the least impressive waffle irons on the market while keeping a nice design and very honest performance . Very respectable features that make it the best-in-class multi-function waffle maker.

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Krups 8000035972 GQ502D – The professional waffle maker

Krups 8000035972 GQ502D Waffle maker reviews
  • Robustness
  • The quality of manufacture
  • Security
  • Easy storage
  • Quality has a price
Rating8.8 / 10
Founded in 1846 in Solingen, Germany, Krups has built a solid reputation for manufacturing high-end coffee machines. With this notoriety, the Germanic house has diversified its offer to tackle the markets of kitchen appliances. Scales, robots, mixers, choppers, beer shooters … The brand has not lacked imagination to disrupt the competition. And for good reason: the quality of its products is excellent.

Proof is once again with its professional waffle maker. What strikes at first sight is the robustness of the device. Indeed, its solid stainless steel structure leaves no doubt as to its lifetime. With a professional rotating system, the distribution and baking of the dough are optimal. Equipped with a large rotary knob, it allows a very precise control of the cooking thanks to 7 levels of adjustment.

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In addition, its indicator light for starting and temperature control greatly facilitates the making of waffles. Delivered with two plates for cooking two rectangular waffles 10 x 16 x 3 cm, they are non-stick for easy cleaning. Practical, they are removable for a dishwasher. Another important asset: the waffle iron is based on a large magnetic plate to collect the flow of the dough. Also removable, its cleaning is childlike.

On the security side, Krups thought of everything. Indeed, the surface of the device does not heat during cooking, and the latter is equipped with a thermo-insulating handle to avoid burning during handling rotation. Also, its large heating power of 1200 watts can not do too much to wait for the greediest between cooking. Once used and cleaned, the waffle iron is very compact thanks to its vertical storage. It can fit into any closet or shelves of small spaces.
With its German quality, its incredible practicality and its power, the Krups waffle maker is undoubtedly the best professional waffle maker on the market for the general public.

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Cuisinart WAF-F20 – Best waffle maker

Reviews on the Cuisinart WAF-F20 waffle maker
  • 100% high quality manufacturing
  • Multifunctionality
  • The ability to adjust the color and consistency of waffles
  • Reversible
  • For the price
Rating8.8 / 10

Specialist in the manufacture of small kitchen appliances since 1955, the Lyon family business Lagrange has been able to perpetuate its traditions and know-how to develop and become the specialist of convivial cooking. True to France since its inception, Lagrange strives to manufacture its products only in France, in its factory in the Lyon region.

Inventor of the first electric waffle maker with interchangeable plates, this one obviously has no more secrets for the firm. The proof with its magnificent model Cuisinart WAF-F20 while elegance and efficiency. In excellent multifunction waffle maker, the device is accompanied by sets of interchangeable plates to make waffles, wafers, croque-monsieur, donuts and bagels, heart waffles, mini waffles, Liège waffles, panini and grilled meat at will.

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Thus, with its wide range of possibilities, the device quickly becomes a must-have friendly meal with family or friends. Also, the waffle maker has the latest technology to offer tasting custom made waffles. Finishing, color, consistency … Thanks to the adjustment of the temperature and the cooking time, the Cuisinart WAF-F20 ensure to serve fully customizable waffles. Fluffy or crisp, white or very colorful … Each guest can make his greed according to his desires.

Very practical, its indicator lights and its audible signal indicate its power up as well as the end of preheating and cooking. Installed on its base, the waffle iron is reversible for a perfect distribution of the dough. Thus, it is almost impossible to miss his preparation. Equipped with double-layer non-stick coated aluminum cast-iron plates, they guarantee even baking of the dough and easy demolding. Unclipable, they slip easily into the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

With qualities of manufacture and design that only Lagrange has the secret, Cuisinart WAF-F20 will surely delight gourmets and budding chefs. He won hands down the palm of the best waffle maker at less than 100 .

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Presto 03510 – Best cheap waffle iron

Reviews on the Presto 03510 waffle iron
  • The price
  • The sober design
  • Security
  • For the price, nothing to report
Rating8.2 / 10
“Quality should not be a luxury”. This is the motto of Presto, a company founded in 1977 and based in the Pyrénées Atlantiques. Distributed in more than 30 countries, the brand offers simple but highly functional small appliances for small budgets. Thus, many students and first-time buyers who equip their first kitchens with the Tristar range. And if they want to have fun, the waffle of the brand comes at the right time.

At first glance, we are faced with a device with a sober and elegant design that allows it to integrate into any kitchen or modern dining room. Its stainless steel structure inspires robustness and reliability. Compact in size (25.5 x 14 x 23.5 cm for a weight of 1.5 kg), it allows to make two large waffles simultaneously. Also, a point of honor was put on the security during its use.

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To do this, the Tristar waffle iron is supplied with a protection against overheating which avoids any risk of untimely temperature rise. With integrated handles that stay cold during cooking, any risk of burns is also avoided. Equipped with non-slip feet, the device remains stable during use. On the cooking side, the waffle iron plays the card of simplicity thanks to its thermostat visible on its front face. Thanks to him, it is possible to make his waffles to his taste, from the softest to the most crispy.

And thanks to its power of 1000 watts, the device quickly reaches the desired temperature to avoid endless expectations between two waffles. In addition, once cooked, they are easily removed from their cooking plate with a high quality non-stick coating. An advantage that also allows a very easy cleaning of the device.

Once the excellent meal is over, simply unplug the waffle iron and wrap the cord in its dedicated area. Ergonomics very well thought out to prevent it from getting tangled. So, all that remains is to tidy the device and again, Tristar thought of everything. Indeed, it is possible to store it vertically or horizontally. Perfect when you have little storage space.

Thanks to its simplicity of use, its sober design and its cooking efficiency, the waffle maker Presto 03510 will delight gourmets with a small budget to indulge themselves. It remains the best cheap waffle iron in its class.

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Hamilton Beach Flip Belgian – Best Hamilton Waffle Maker

Review of Hamilton Beach Flip Belgian waffle iron
  • The simplicity of use
  • The nice look
  • Security
  • Maybe a little expensive

With Snack Time, it’s a safe bet that waffles will have no secrets for you. Indeed, this waffle croque allows to make excellent waffles and delicious croque-monsieur in no time and at any time. Here, its original design encourages conviviality and sharing. Indeed, impossible to miss this rounded device inspired by a range intended primarily for youth.

Hamilton betting on generosity, the waffle iron comes with a set of two removable non-stick plates to make waffles, croque-monsieur and paninis. Convenient, it is possible to buy more plates separately for a multitude of possible snacks. Thus, heart waffles, wafers, bricelets, triangle crunches, panini-grill, French toast, pancakes, turnovers, donuts, mini bites, mini bars, biscuits and mini madeleines are available for an infinite number of possibilities.

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Indeed, each batch of plates comes with his cookbook to give you some original ideas if you are lacking in inspiration. Very easy to use, the Beach Flip Belgian on / off indicator light also serves as a preheating indicator. Once the plates are at a good temperature, simply pour the paste over and close the device. The indicator goes out once the waffles are cooked. Note that it is possible to lift the lid during heating to check burnishing. Practical for a result according to his tastes and desires.

Also, with its waffle iron, Hamilton has put the security forward since it has an insulated handle to open the waffle crust without getting burned. In addition, its locking latch secures the opening for maximum comfort of use. Once used, the Beach Flip Belgian waffle maker is very easy to clean because its removable plates are compatible in the dishwasher. A boon for gourmands allergic to the sponge after a delicious meal.

Thanks to a very nice design and great ease of use, the Beach Flip Belgian waffle maker will surely make the happiness of young and old alike. It remains unquestionably the best Hamilton waffle iron.

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Buying Guide: How to choose the best waffle maker?

All gourmands know it: when we tasted waffles, difficult to do without! Sweet or salty, we can decorate them with just about every possible ingredient for an infinity of gourmet and tasty possibilities. So why not afford a device that would allow to concoct at leisure? Especially since waffle irons are now an integral part of small home appliances appliances. However, not all are equal and do not necessarily meet all expectations. A short tour of horizons of the key points before yielding to the temptation of gluttony at will.

The number of plates

The most basic models come with a set of two plates to make waffles only. The vast majority of common brands offers an additional game for croque-monsieur and / or paninis, since the cooking system is identical. On some models, it is possible to buy lots of additional plates for an infinite number of possibilities. A pleasure that automatically increases the final price of your device.


The principle of a waffle iron is very simple since it resides solely in the baking of a dough between two hot plates for a given time. However, some devices have additional functions such as the thermostat, measuring the consistency of the dough or preheating. For occasional use, a simple waffle iron with preheating is perfect. For more elaborate cooking, do not hesitate to multiply the options for an optimal result.

The power

It is important because it determines the preheating time and the cooking time. Generally, a successful waffle tasting resides in the performance ability of the appliance. Indeed, the most greedy hate waiting! To not disappoint anyone, choose a waffle iron that has a power of over 1000 watts.


It is important because your waffle maker will sit in the middle of your table and around the guests. Here everything is about taste because each manufacturer has its trademark.Open Best Air purifier to experience fresh gas.Some will opt for a fun and tangy look, others for sobriety or “professional kitchen” design. The main thing is to open your appetite in all circumstances!


Like any small cooking appliance, it is important to promote it. So, make sure your future waffle maker is equipped with thermo-insulating handles and materials that stay cold during cooking. This will save you a lot of inconvenience in moments that must be friendly above all else.

The ease of maintenance

To not spoil the pleasure of having enjoyed after a fabulous meal of waffles, it is better that your device is easy to clean and store. For example, opt for a waffle maker with non-stick and removable plates so you can put them directly into your dishwasher.

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