Top 5 Size Electric Hedge Trimmers New Arrival – Reviews & Comparison

It’s no secret to any green hand aficionado: the maintenance of an outdoors requires patience, precision and foolproof fitness. And for good reason: plants require special care to develop and flourish serenely. Trimming branches and leaves is inexorably part of it.

Just like the Best Epilator needs to build hair.Far from being a part of pleasure, this chore requires an excellent tool to execute it as quickly as possible while avoiding unnecessary fatigue. Thus, a good quality electric hedge trimmer is essential to properly prune its trees, shrubs and hedges.

The 5 Best Electric Hedge Trimmers

Bosch – The best wireframe hedge

Black and Decker – The best size electric hedge cheap

Einhell GE-HC 18 X-Change Power T Set – If you are looking for a telescopic electric hedge trimmer

Bosch Isio Set – Perfect for a small garden

Ryobi – The best size electric hedge

Bosch AHS – The best size wired hedge

Size advice for Bosch hedge
  • The featherweight
  • ergonomics
  • The sawing function
  • Quality has a price
Rating8.8 / 10
blade length70cm
Power typeElectric cord
Speed3400 rpm
Diameter of cut3.4 centimeters
Known worldwide for the excellent quality of its products and the breadth of its range in the field of tools, Bosh has obviously designed several models of electric hedge trimmers. In 1886, Robert Bosch created the “Precision Engineering and Electrical Engineering Workshop” in Stuttgart.

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The genesis of a group that will become world leader in the modern era. After designing cars, then experiencing a period of reconstruction after the Second World War, the German brand has literally soared to conquer international markets through an ever more innovative range. Unsurprisingly, its electric hedge trimmer model is no exception to the rule.

Weighing 3.9 kg, the Bosch electric hedge trimmer is up to 15% lighter than previous models. Indeed, the tool is very manageable thanks to a better distribution of the weight. Other features that make the difference: the presence of a transparent handguard, a softgrip rear handle and a multi-position front handle. As a result, the cut is more comfortable and the effort is less. It has an AGR certification that distinguishes ergonomic products.

With its powerful 700-watt High Power motor coupled with a laser-cut, diamond-grinding blade, no plant can resist it.

And for good reason: the Bosch electric hedge trimmer has a sawing function to easily get rid of branches up to 38 mm in diameter and a cutting capacity of 34 mm for optimum performance. Also, its high torque slip clutch (50 Nm) allows for extremely efficient cuts. In addition, the device has a protective stirrup for a cut flush with walls and screens, perfect for finishing. Last but not least, its balancing is optimal thanks to ergonomic lines. Thus, each work position no longer turns into a nightmare for your back.

Thanks to its light weight, ergonomics and ultra-convenient sawing function, the Bosch electric hedge trimmers stand out from the competition and are undoubtedly the best wired electric hedge trimmers in its class.

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Black and Decker – The best size electric hedge cheap

Size advice hedge Black and Decker
  • The featherweight
  • ergonomics
  • The sawing function
  • Quality has a price
blade length50cm
Power typeElectric cord
Speed815 cps / min
Diameter of cut1.8 centimeters

Since its inception in 1910 in a small boutique in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, Black + Decker has been at the forefront of home DIY innovation. From the well-known BLACK + DECKER Workmate clamps to the world’s first cordless hedge trimmers and drills, the American company uses ingenuity to help the public build their homes, as well as their exteriors.

Proof of this is once again with its electric hedge trimmer, which lives up to the most demanding expectations for a mini price. On the power side, its motor ensures a clean and effortless cut. Its 50 cm laser-cut and diamond-cut blade offers a sharp, precise cutting edge for optimal work. Also, the comfort has not been put aside thanks to the presence of a 5-position rotary handle.

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Thus, the apparatus adapts to each morphology and cutting vertically is greatly facilitated. In addition, its asymmetrical blades provide a lateral cutting balance while drastically reducing vibrations. In addition, comfort and ergonomics are enhanced by optimizing the balance between the weight of the blade and the grip of the hedge trimmer.

Parameters that make the device a featherweight for its category, since it only totals 2.2 kgs on the scale.

However, these many advantages do not detract from the safety of the device. Indeed, the electric hedge trimmer has a dual control that makes it impossible to start it if you do not hold it firmly with both hands. In addition, it has a protective stop that avoids any handling accident. The management of the cable was also very intelligently thought through an integrated plug at the base of the device. Result: no risk of inadvertent entanglement or severance. Generous, Black + Decker provides a pair of gloves and goggles with the hedge trimmer to perfect the panoply of the perfect pruner.

With its many qualities, the electric trimmers has all the assets for a precise and neat work in his garden. Thanks to a very good price and very honest performance, it remains the best electric hedge trimmer on the market.

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Einhell GE-HC 18 X Power Set X-Change – The Best Electric Telescopic Hedge Trimmer

Hedge Einhell GE-HC 18 Li T Set Power X-Change Reviews
  • German quality
  • Multifunctionality
  • autonomy
  • ergonomics
  • For the price
blade length40cm
Power typeBattery Power
Autonomy40 min
Diameter of cut1.2 centimeters

Based in Landau / Isar in Bavaria, the German group Einhell is created in 1964.

Present in more than 82 countries, the Germanic brand has been distributing its products in France since 2008, and is gaining ground in the landscape of gardening and DIY. Evidence of this incredible craze, Einhell wins the palm of the most dynamic actor on the market as well as that of the largest contributor of growth in DIY and gardening, and on new distribution channels such as e-commerce.

Thus, its model of electric hedge trimmers demonstrates all the know-how and success of the brand, combining innovation and performance. In fact, this powerful multifunctional wireless tool allows cutting the highest branches and hedges from the ground, effortlessly and independently of the power grid.

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Thanks to its Einhell Power X-Change battery system, the tool has an 18-volt 3-amp battery for time-consuming tasks. Indeed, its 40 minutes of autonomy make it possible to easily prune the longest hedges without fear of the dry failure. Also, its laser cut and diamond-sharp blades ensure perfect results regardless of the plant being worked.

Also, the different adjustment possibilities of the GE-HC hedge trimmer allow it to adapt to every cutting situation.

Indeed, its working handle is tiltable in 4 positions, and it is possible to vary the motor head according to 7 possibilities. A flawless ergonomics that allows it to adapt to all situations, even the most acrobatic. Equipped with a compact but extremely effective chain saw module, its chain guide and the OREGON chain allow a clean cut in all circumstances.

In addition, its automatic greasing and tool-less change make it easy to perform chores in the garden. Equipped with a telescopic extension, it is deployable in two parts: 50 cm for the first phase, and 42 cm for the second, thus ensuring a cutting height of 92 cm. Perfect for reaching the highest branches.

With excellent autonomy, flawless practicality thanks to its two cutting modules and a handy telescopic handle, this cordless electric hedge trimmer excels in all areas. It can claim to be the best telescopic hedge trimmer in its class.

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Bosch Isio Set – The best size compact electric hedge, perfect for a small garden

Opinions on the size hedge Bosch Isio Set
  • The originality of the concept
  • The long battery life
  • Multifunctionality
  • The lightness of the whole
  • Bosch quality
  • Not really a traditional hedge trimmer, as it is only suitable for small jobs
Rating8.4 / 10
blade length12cm
Wireless PowerSupply Type
Weight549 g
Autonomy50 min
Width of the blade18 centimeters

When you discover it for the first time, you can go ahead without risking that this device is at least out of the ordinary! Indeed, this size-grass and Isio scissor-hedge is a multifunctional tool specially designed for precision gardening. Equipped with a very durable 3.6V Lithium-Ion battery, its 50-minute battery life allows you to work long, endless moments.

Practical, an LED indicator informs the amount of energy remaining. Also, its anti-blocking system (“Anti-Blocking System”) avoids the inconvenience due to the surplus of plants in the mechanism. Thus, the device does not stall for work without discontinuity. In addition, the grass pruning extension is equipped with 80 mm wide blades made in Switzerland while the hedge trimmers have blades 120 mm long.

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As a true multifunctional tool, the Isio has a multiclic system (“Multi-Click System”) that allows you to easily juggle between the trimmer, the hedge trimmers and the sprayer. In this way, it is also possible to mount the telescopic handle that is used with both blades.

A considerable time saving between different gardening tasks. Ergonomically, the device is equipped with a Softgrip coating for maximum comfort. Weighing only 550 grams, the product is extremely lightweight for easy handling. Its compact design also allows it to be stored quickly in small spaces of the workshop or garage.

Thus, with a record autonomy, ergonomics very well thought out and unparalleled portability, the Bosch Isio Set wins the title of best compact electric hedge trimmer on the market.

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Ryobi – The best electric hedge trimmer

Size advice Ryobi hedge
  • Ryobi quality
  • The saw function
  • The exclusive release system
  • Compatibility with the HedgeSweep waste collector
  • Wired system that will not please nomadic gardeners
blade length55cm
Power550 watts
Blade speed3000 rpm
Cutting diameter2.6 centimeters

Known worldwide for the quality of its products and its know-how, Ryobi is one of the most dynamic and complete brands of power tools and stationary. Comfort of use, constant innovation, excellent quality-price ratio …

The superlatives do not miss to qualify what characterizes the sign. Thus, each year, Ryobi develops new technologies so that its tools can work more efficiently and safely with increased comfort in the home and garden. It is therefore natural that the Japanese house created in 1943 has its model of electric hedge trimmers meeting all the requirements.

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Indeed, its double action diamond-sharp blade ensures a flawless finish and less vibration for its user. Sharper than the best juicer blade.In addition, the hedge trimmer has a saw function and a double sharpening of the teeth for excellent cutting quality and more output.

Ergonomics side, its rotating rear handle has 5 positions on 180 ° to cut the hedges easily from all angles. In order to limit the blockage of the blade in branches of excessive diameter, the device has an exclusive mechanical release system.

Practical, especially during garden maintenance work requiring a certain volume. On the safety side, the tool has a translucent blade guard that gives the user increased visibility of the blades during work. Always generous, Ryobi includes a protective sheath in the pack. T

he icing on the cake, fans of the brand will be filled since this hedge trimmer is compatible with the HedgeSweep waste collector, separable from the blade to evacuate the cuts without effort by pushing them out of the hedge.

Thus, with its know-how and extensive experience in the design of gardening tools, Ryobi demonstrates once again the perfect quality of its products. With a price higher than the average but amply justified, the Japanese house offers the best hedge trimmers on the market at less than 100.

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Buying Guide: How to choose the best size electric hedge?

When you have an outside, there are chores that we would do well! Unfortunately, plant care is inexorably part of it. And when one wants to protect oneself from the neighborhood, hedges are essential but must be maintained. That’s why acquiring a good electric hedge trimmer is a must for any good gardener who respects himself. The supply is plethoric in DIY stores or specialized in green spaces, some technical characteristics must be reviewed before making his choice.

The power

It is decisive because it is she who will define what types of plants you will be able to prune. The higher the power of the motor, the less the diameter of the branches will cause problems. For pruning branches less than 2.5 cm in diameter, opt for an electric hedge trimmer with an average power of 400 to 500W.

Wired or battery?

By definition, battery models give a lot more freedom. Recent hedge trimmers are equipped with a Li-ion lithium battery, which gives them a long battery life. If you opt for a wired device, consider using a specific extension cord for the orange garden. This is clearly visible, and this will prevent you from cutting the electrical cable.

For battery models: autonomy

Opt for a minimum of 40 minutes to give you room to maneuver when cutting your hedges. Below, you may want to hurry up and botch your job. Also, do not hesitate to invest in an extra battery so that your device is always ready.


The most common models are equipped with two start buttons so that the hedge trimmer can only be started once both hands are on it. Some devices even come with safety glasses and gloves. Two essential equipment to work in peace. A little extra safe tip: when you’re cutting, make sure there are no people around you within 3 meters.Please wear bluetooth headphones and listen to the music to enjoy the process.

The multifunction

A multifunction trimmers can be interesting for spaces with several types of plants. Here, the modules are interchangeable according to the needs. The hedge trimmer can also be used as a mini-chainsaw for pruning small trees and shrubs. Generally equipped with a telescopic handle very practical, the highest branches are easily reached without the risk of climbing a ladder.

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